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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Win $50 to Write a Review of Lever on my Blog!

Thank you for visiting my blog! If you're new, welcome. If you've been reading for awhile, you already know that my book, A Lever Long Enough, will be released in January for general sale, which means it will be available on amazon then and not before.

With prepublication copies out, though, it's time to celebrate! Although the book isn't generally available yet, you readers of my blog have an opportunity to read the book early. I'll tell you at the bottom of this entry how to obtain a prepublication copy.

I'm very excited about my book, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I'd love to hear what you think about Lever, and therefore am having this little contest.

I am a scientist who came to faith under protest through studying the historic circumstances surrounding the death of Jesus—frankly, I was blown away by the evidence. My book, A Lever Long Enough, is about a small military team that travels back in time to film the theft of Jesus’ body from the tomb. Here is the back cover copy:

The Israeli team, led by Benjamin Feinan, has exactly seventy-two hours to collect the video evidence. Failure threatens the existence of Israel and may cause the world to slip into all-out war.

Drawn into a web of first-century deception and death, the only way to escape is for Benjamin to change the past.

In the present, a traitor attempts to sabotage the mission and seize control of the military complex. Only Benjamin can reveal him, but he is trapped two thousand years away.

Even with a time machine, time is running out…


I wrote this book to the skeptic I used to be. Lever takes a more neutral stance to Christianity than many CBA books, although it clearly leads the reader to conclude that the resurrection is reasonable. As such, this book can be used as a tool to open discussion with a nonbeliever of who is Jesus?

Here are the Contest Rules:

1. I’m looking for honest amazon-type reviews to post on my blog. All reviews, good or bad, are valued and eligible for the contest. Include a title for your review and your star ranking—just like amazon. Also give a nickname if you want to use one.

2. You can send reviews to me at amydeardon @ between now and September 20, 2008. On September 21st, I will post all reviews at once on my blog here, at

3. Then the fun begins! Everyone who visits my blog will be able to vote (once) for the most thorough and well-written review. (no spoilers on plot, please). The voting period will last between September 21st through September 30th. If there are more than 8 entries, I will throw in a second prize of $25. My verdict of winner(s) based on blog vote is final.

4. I will NOT share your email address with ANYONE without your permission, although I may send occasional book release/related announcements. If you don’t wish to receive these, just let me know.

5. This contest is open to anyone who learns about it and would like to enter.


Here are some prepub endorsements I've already received:

Did Jesus rise from the dead? Deardon wrestles with this question in an exhilarating adventure full of high technology, romance, and treachery that excites the imagination. There are no easy answers, only compelling arguments that will challenge your beliefs -- whatever they may be.

---Ralph Hamilton MD, Professor of Surgery Emeritus, University of Pennsylvania


Amy Deardon's debut novel is compelling, intriguing and explosive! Fans of Michael Crichton, Mark Mynheir, and Creston Mapes, will love the fast-paced, character-driven and suspense-filled plot. I cannot wait to see what else Deardon has in store for her fans!

---Thomas Phillips, author of The Molech Prophecy


In A Lever Long Enough, Deardon expertly weaves science, technology, fact, and fiction into a riveting tale. Deardon's ability to take the reader from within a top-secret military lock-down facility to a realistically depicted 1st Century Jerusalem makes this science fiction thriller a stunning and captivating read from start to finish.

---A.K. Arenz, author of The Case of the Bouncing Grandma


This is a book packing multiple big pleasures within its pages—clever time-travel adventure, political intrigue, fascinating historical settings, philosophical/religious challenges, and a captivating mix of imagination and technological authenticity. Deardon's exhaustive and meticulous research and her deft writing skills set this book well apart from the crowd.

---Donna W. Payne, PhD
Biomedical researcher and author of The Handel's Messiah Family Advent Reader (Moody Press) and numerous newspaper and journal articles


Whiz-bang twists in a never-ending series of surprises and subterfuge drag the reader right inside all the thrills. Breathless shocks, sweaty fingertips, romantic suspense, forbidden faith, a trail of corpses—yes, this one is definitely hard-hitting…Ten out of ten! I hope to see more work soon from this brilliant author.

---Grace Bridges, author of Faith Awakened and Legendary Space Pilgrims


Ms. Deardon has done her research! From modern-day science to ancient Israel, Deardon's attention to detail makes these two colliding worlds real and alive. Warning: it's a page-turner!

---Fran Lemzo, author of The Handel's Messiah Family Advent Reader (Moody Press)

A fiction strong enough--To borrow a phrase from Archimedes, this "Lever" might just move your world. Smart, action-packed, and meticulously researched, this thriller is thoroughly believable. So buckle up and get ready for your own "time throw"--once you open this book, you will immediately find yourself transported five hours into the future. Be sure to clear your schedule!

---Amy Fogelstrom Chai, MD, MS
author, columnist, educator


Thrilling…romance, suspense, and an unpretentious and thought-provoking look at beliefs…A great story. A great premise. A great writer!

James McGovern, Airline Transport Pilot


This book pulled me in. It’s a thoughtful, developed, and intense exploration of the biggest mystery in Western Society. At the end, you’ll be begging for more.

---Sarah Halberg, MD, CFPC


A Lever Long Enough is a fascinating story of faith and action. Ms. Deardon’s use of technology keeps the adventure high, and Biblical accuracy makes the story factual and believable. I could barely put the book down, and am eagerly anticipating the next part of the adventure.

---Michael Saunders, Biblical Teacher, The Holy Land Experience


Fascinating and intriguing…unpredictable and provocative…I look forward to the sequel.

T.H. Shumpert, Ph.D., P.E.
Professor Emeritus
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Auburn University


Now it's your turn! All feedback, positive and negative, is valuable and eligible for this contest.

Here are some FAQs for this limited edition of A Lever Long Enough:

Q: Why does the front cover of this book say it’s not for sale? On the back, why is there a white box with release information?

A: This edition of A Lever Long Enough is an ARC, an advance reader copy. Many publishers put out ARCs to gather prepublication book reviews and other promotional quotations or helps for marketing before the book is actually “released” for sale to the general public.

Q: What is the list (retail) price of this book?

A: List or retail price will be $15.95

Q: Can I find this book on amazon?

A: Not until January. Release date is January 12, 2009.

Q: Can I buy copies of the book before the release date?

A: Yes, you may buy as many ARCs from the publisher as you wish. The only differences between an ARC and final book will be a slightly different book cover, and more and/or different reviews inside or on front or back cover. To purchase, send a check or money order for $12 plus $3 S/H for each ARC to:

Taegais Publishing, LLC
PO Box 57
Glenwood, MD 21738

bulk discounts are available; email sales @ for details.

OK, that's it for now. Please email me with any questions or comments at amydeardon @ I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you, my dear friends.


Jen Stephens said...

Hey, Amy! Cool contest! I'm sorry it's been so long since I've gotten back to you since you commented on my blog. My life has been C-R-A-Z-Y since school is back in session. I tried to email you and it didn't go through. Email me sometime and I'll reply to it. Talk to you soon.
Jen Stephens

Travis said...

Mrs. Deardon,
Thanks for visiting my site. I really appreciate your comments.

About your up coming book--Wow! What an exciting topic! I can't wait to read that. Please put me on your email notification for when you finally get the book released. What a unique and thought provoking story line. The idea challenged me without even reading the book. Really, send me an email update when the book is avilable.