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Friday, May 29, 2009

Upside Down Dogs

These dogs remind me of my own dog, a greyhound who used to sleep upside down (with paw in the air and tongue hanging out until it dried) all the time! She'd give soft little yips as she slept, and her paws would twitch; chasing a fantasy rabbit, no doubt. She died ten years ago, before I had a digital camera, but maybe I'll scan an image in.

She cut her armpit on barbed wire and developed that nasty *flesh-eating* necrotizing fascitis caused by strep bacteria. This was really scary. From home we treated her with IV gentamycin, and remarkably she recovered to live four more years. When she was 11 she developed a fast-growing thyroid tumor that choked her. Our family gave up our summer vacation so that she could have surgery, but sadly it didn't work.

Anyway, smile when you look at these pictures :-) Dogs are so wonderful.

And my favorite:


Sarah Salter said...

You know me... I'm totally a dog person and so I totally dig these pics.

My Sweet Sadie (who woke me up at 3:23 this morning to go out) sleep-barks. It's the funniest thing to listen to! Her other great trick is that she does this thing we call "the belly drag" where she'll flop down on her belly and drag herself--on her belly--all over the house, scratching her belly on the carpet. (I don't even want to think about how unsanitary that is.) But she stays fairly clean because after I get out of the shower, she goes and jumps in and licks all of the water out of the shower floor...

Have a great weekend! :-)

Tracy said...

Thanks Amy, for the smile and the bittersweet memories. We lost our dog of 15 years last August. She too did what you describe your dog as doing, 'running' in her sleep, along with her little noises, though we suspected she was chasing a ball rather than a rabbit. We still miss her terribly.

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Travis said...

Cool photos, Amy!