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Friday, September 18, 2009

Opportunity for Self-Published Books

If you have a self-published book, you may be interested in this...

There is a new service just forming, Vault, that is designed to get your book in front of traditional publishers and agents. They offer the first month of listing for the author free, and after that the cost is $10 per month. The publishers create an account, and can then troll the site to see if anything looks interesting.

But wait!

Since Vault is in its beta mode, the first three hundred authors to list get 4 months free. I don't know, but it looks interesting anyway. I've already created a listing, and figure I can d/c it if it doesn't seem to be working.

I've pasted a few FAQs from the site below. You can check out the site at

Happy writing!


What is the Publetariat Vault?

The Publetariat Vault is a searchable database of independent literary works for which the authors own all rights free and clear and are interested in selling those rights, with accompanying sales data and reader reviews, to take the guesswork out of determining commercial potential in the mass market.

Though publishers and content producers (i.e., film, television, game and online content producers) know a successful indie (self-published) book is a proven quantity and therefore a low-risk acquisition option, these books don't come to their attention until after becoming breakout hits. By that time, numerous buyers are interested and it's much more difficult and expensive to acquire the rights.

The Publetariat Vault solves this problem by providing a searchable database of indie books available for acquisition. The Vault makes it easy to locate indie books based on detailed criteria and keywords, and simplifies the process of identifying the most promising candidates by providing not only standard catalog information, but actual sales data, a full synopsis, excerpt, and direct access to all of the following: customer reviews from multiple booksellers, reviews on reader community sites, author websites, author blogs, author social media profiles, publicity the author and book have received, and additional author writing samples---all on a single listing page. With this trove of data at their fingertips, publishers no longer need wonder if a given book will sell well or be well-received by readers, nor if the author will take an active role in helping to promote the book or produced content.

Who are the publishing pros and content producers who will be allowed to search the Vault's listings?

Anyone who is in a position to purchase some or all of the rights to a given indie book, or who is in a position to make an offer of representation to authors, may sign up for a publishing pro/producer account. This includes publishing house acquisitions staff, independent or small imprint staff, literary agents, literary managers, film and television producers, game producers, online content providers, and anyone else who can offer authors either representation or a contract for some or all of a given book's content rights.

Once the Vault opens for pro searches, a list of registered pros will be posted to the site and updated regularly. We will also post any Vault success stories reported by authors or pros.

What information do I need to provide in my Vault listing?

At the minimum, you must provide Book Title, Author Name(s), Cover Image, Brief Description, Type (fiction, nonfiction, reference, poetry or art), Genre(s), Page Count (for print books), Word Count, Adult Content Yes/No/Not Applicable, Recommended Reading Level, Protagonist Gender (if applicable), protagonist age (if applicable), sales data, synopsis and excerpt. You also have the option to include links to any or all of the following: your book's product pages on bookseller sites, your book's pages on reader community sites, other reviews of your book, author website(s), author blog(s), author social media profile(s), buzz and publicity about the book or author(s), other writing sample(s).

You can view a screen capture of the listing form here, or register for Vault membership (it's free) to view the real form.

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