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Friday, August 20, 2010

How Many Days Until November 2nd?

More and more citizens in this country seem to be turning away from the current governmental policies. Another turn occurred last week, when President Obama lectured the American people that all faiths should be respected and should have their places of worship. No one is arguing against this! It is simply that Ground Zero in New York City, the site of so much death and destruction, is hallowed ground. Polls state that about 70% of the people think a giant Islamic mosque should not be built here. As someone who attended the funeral of a serviceman killed at the Pentagon, for myself I cannot imagine anything so offensive. To me it implies that the Islamic faith, of which the terrorists claimed allegiance, would be celebrating its victory and ultimate dominance over this site. It would be as if we Americans built a mini-Statue of Liberty next to the Japanese memorial site in Hiroshima. No one in America took joy in bombing this city and Nagasaki, and we do not celebrate this action or wish to rub the Japanese noses into our victory. These bombings were seen as a regrettable yet necessary actions to force the Japanese to surrender and thus end a terrible war. We do not celebrate this action, as a memorial would suggest.

This is a great video that reminds me of our costly freedoms we Americans are in danger of losing. Now, how many days until November 2nd?


Kat Heckenbach said...

Have you seen Christopher Hopper's blog on this?

There are so many reasons this mosque is not appropriate. Not THERE.

dmarks said...

I see the First Amendment as the most important thing here. Freedom of religion. Whether or not we agree, it's legal to build mosques in the US under the Constitution.

Amy Deardon said...

dmarks, absolutely. No one is arguing that, provided all zoning regulations etc. are met, that this group cannot legally build a mosque here. (There are some questions with the zoning since a Greek Orthodox church destroyed during 9/11 attacks still hasn't received a permit to rebuild here whereas the mosque sailed through in a few months, but I won't go there).

For what it's worth, the point I see is that even though building a mosque in a particular location may be permitted, it may not be a prudent, wise, sensitive, or other modifier to build the mosque here. To me it smacks of some Muslims doing a victory dance on the graves of people they have killed. This is my opinion, and others may not agree. I know that, historically, Muslims often build a mosque over areas that they have conquered, and this seems to follow that pattern. I'm not a New Yorker, and recognize this is a local issue. Just, it hits me the wrong way.

I apologize I didn't make this point clear in the original post, and thank you for helping to clarify!

dmarks said...

Actually, I've heard many argue that the mosque should be banned.

And if it isn't banned, and it is legally allowed, then I don't see why it should be any sort of issue.