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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Last Minute Contest for Giveaways

Deadline is tomorrow, December 21st, so you want to scoot over here quickly!

Tina Anne Forkner is hosting a contest with some great CDs and books for giveaway. You enter by commenting on her blog, and there are extra credit entries. Here is her description from her website, or travel directly by clicking here.



I am so excited that my agent has given me a whole box of amazing products to give away to one lucky person! This is a short contest, so get the word out! Leave your comments or email me by Sunday, December 21st!

Update: Receive Five Extra Entries if you post about this contest on your own blog and leave the link here. *AND Just a note that you can also enter by emailing me directly or by leaving your comments on my Facebook page or my Cafe Mom page. Some of you already have! *

New Prize Expansion Update: my publisher has generously donated a box of books! See the books included, in addition to the great CDs below.

The Gift Package Includes:

Amy Grant CD - The Christmas Collection
Travis Cottrell CD - Ring The Bells
Travis Cottrell CD - Found
Point of Grace CD - Tennessee Christmas
Point of Grace CD - How You Live Deluxe Edition
Michael W. Smith CD - It’s a Wonderful Christmas
Tina Ann Forkner - My novel, Ruby Among Us
New Book Additions to the Grand Prize!
God Gave Us Christmas, Lisa T. Bergren
My Mother’s Wish, Jerry Camery-Hoggatt
Bon Appetit, by Sandra Byrd
Sister Chicks Go Brit!, by Robin Jones Gunn

2nd Prize
The Sweetgum Knit Lit Society, Beth Patillo
When Zeffie Got a Clue, Peggy Darty
Ruby Among Us, Tina Ann Forkner
The Busy Mom’s Devotional, by Lisa T. Bergren

3rd Prize
Cyndere’s Midnight, Jeffrey Overstreet
Boo Humbug, Rene Gutteridge
A Mile in My Flip-Flops, by Melody Carlson

Runner Up
101 Cups of Water, by c.d. baker

Here are the Rules:
(Note: If you live outside of the United States or Canada and happen to win the prize, we’ll ship to any United States address you choose.)

1) Leave a comment and be sure it links back to your email information or that you leave your email in the comment.

2) Five Extra Entries - If you have given to a charitable cause in 2008.

3) Two Extra Entries - If you buy a copy of Ruby Among Us in December. You are on the honor system here.

4) One Extra Entry - If you have ever purchased a copy of Ruby Among Us.

5) One Extra Entry - If you have purchased ANY book during the month of December.

6) One Extra Entry - If you have purchased any CD by one of the artists mentioned in this giveaway during the year 2008.

7) One Extra Entry - If you have ever checked Ruby Among Us out from the library.

One Extra Entry - If you have ever read Ruby Among Us at all.


mindy said...

fabulous contest thanks minsthins(at)optonline(dot)net

cdziuba said...

I bought a Michael W. Smith Cd.

cdziuba said...

I also bought an Amy Grant CD this year.

cdziuba said...

I made a donation to a NJ Hospice.

Miralee Ferrell said...

We've given to a number of charitable causes in 2008. I haven't purchased Ruby Among Us yet, but it's on my list for 2009. I've purchased about 10 Christian music cd's this past year. I bought three books in Nov., but not positive that I bought one in Dec. Thanks for entering me, this is a cool contest! I got to sit next to Tina Ann at the ACFW book club signing at the MOA and she's a sweetie. I definitely plan on buying and reading her book, it looks SOOOO good! Miralee Ferrell
miralee at gorge dot net

Amy Deardon said...

Mea Culpa everyone!

I didn't make it clear enough that you need to click over to Tina's site to leave a comment. I wrote to all of my commenters individually to do this, and also posted the comments myself on Tina's blog with an explanatory note. If for some reason I'm chosen as the winner for posting those other comments, I will of course immediately notify the poster and direct Tina's crew to send the prize to her!

Sorry, everyone. Merry Christmas!

Miralee Ferrell said...

I'm sorry...I've been tired from our two wk long, drug out move, and probably didn't read your instructions carefully enough. Thank you so much for posting my comment on Tina's site and I apologize for the inconvenience. Miralee