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Friday, April 17, 2009

An Amazing Video

A friend sent this video link to me. Unfortunately I cannot embed it on this blog, but you can view it HERE

This is a surprising and inspiring clip that is a reminder (to me at least) to not assume you know everything about someone. I believe that every person has something to offer, and can do at least one thing better than anyone else. It's worth taking a little time to find out.

OK, this is a short message today. As Andra commented yesterday, I'm already busy busy busy from vacation with marketing Lever. Hmm, maybe I should ask Stephanie Meyer for some tips :-)

Hope you're all well, dear friends!


Anonymous said...

Yeah. I saw this on Michael Hyatt's blog yesterday. HOW inspiring huh?

Andra M. said...

I cried through that video. Inspiring doesn't begin to describe it.