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Friday, July 3, 2009

A Common Writing Problem

This limerick (from Randy Ingermanson's website) illustrates the need to cut cut cut to your final draft :-) Have a great Friday with a smile.

There once was a poet named Ran
Whose poetry wouldn’t quite scan.
He said, “I try hard…
But I guess I’m no Bard…
Because I always have to cram as many words in the last line as I possibly can!”



Jane Lebak said...

Surely he didn't write that -- he just passed it along. I heard that around 1992 when I was still in college. :-)

Amy Deardon said...

Philangelus, you're right! I'll fix this right now.

Alison Bryant said...

That's really, really funny, especially since I just put a silly limerick on my blog.

(sigh) ...Those pesky extra words...Randy's stuff always makes me smile.

Have a great 4th!

Anne Lang Bundy said...

I'm smiling Amy. Happy Fourth. May God bless America, though she doesn't deserve it.