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Monday, August 2, 2010


I'm back! Waking up after being on a westerly time for a week is tough, but slowly I'm readjusting. It's hard to believe that it's August already -- kiddos got out of school at the end of June, and they go back in about 4 weeks, but I'm just now starting to feel "summer-ready."

OK, it'll be slow but I'm hopefully refreshed and ready to start in again. I've been assessing my areas of expertise and options to move ahead with my writing -- and think I'm probably my own worst enemy when it comes to getting work done. It seems futile.

Doesn't Solomon in Ecclesiastes start out with this same idea? ALL is futile in this world, except for knowing God.

Heavy sigh. Hope you're all well!


Kat Heckenbach said...

I'm feeling exactly the same way! Summer's nearly over and I feel like I'm just now ready for it to start.

And I'm definitely my own worst enemy when it comes to getting work done. I get sidetracked by little stuff--"Oh, if I just take care of this, I'll be able to focus on writing..."--and I don't schedule my days well enough.

Are you planning a new endeavor?

Grace Bridges said...

Oh Amy, with you on that! Time management, and the failing thereof, is the bane of my life. My writing this year has been in short snatches while waiting for something when I'm out. Gotta change that. And none of the "methods" seem to work...except for just plodding along.

Crystal Laine said...

Amy, just popped in to say, keep writing! Sometimes we get into our little cubbyholes, writing and receiving no encouragement, and I'm glad you stuck your head out to say,
"Anybody out there?!" LOL.

Yup. We're out here--hi! What would help you right now?

Anne Lang Bundy said...

Our God can turn our meanderings into something of value. Everything works for His good. I sigh at myself often, frustrated that I do not live up to my potential. But like the little child who produces a masterpiece and then frowns when comparing it to an adult's work, I need not worry that I'm not good enough.

If we ask Him to accept our meanderings as opportunity for Him to give us new purpose, He is sure to answer.

Fix your eyes on Him and take a step without worrying. He asks us to not be anxious.

Brandon Barr said...

Glad to have you back!