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Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's here!

I'm dying to tell someone -- my first copy of my first book just arrived on the UPS truck! My daughter opened the package and flipped through it for a minute, then handed it to me with a smile. "It looks good, Mom." She's upstairs in her room now, so it's just me holding the book. My book.

It's so funny -- I open the pages, and words that I've read 50 times on a computer screen seem different when bound between two covers. I flip through, sampling the different passages...

I'm so excited!

I want to tell someone. I want to celebrate--the book is gorgeous. There is a long way to go yet, but for right now I'm content to smile and feel like I've done something good. I've gone a far way. Wow.

I'll be getting some advance copies soon to send to influencers. Influencers are the people who read your book, and if they love it they talk about it to their friends, write about it on their blogs, or otherwise attempt to get the word out. Anyone reading this who would like to read the book and become an influencer if they love it, please drop me a line. I'll also be initiating a contest for amazon reviews soon.

Celebrate with me, my dear friends :-)


sarah said...


How thrilling!!! I'm so excited for you, and can't wait to get my hands on a copy.

Savor this moment.



Inspire said...

Congratulations, Amy. This is one of the most exciting and rewarding moments of your life. Enjoy!

Krista Phillips said...

VERY VERY COOL!!!! I am so excited for you, girl!! You so deserve it! What an awesome feeling that has to be, to finally hold your *baby*. What's the name?? (I can probably find it if I read down more in your blogs...) and when will it be released??

Amy Deardon said...

Thanks everyone! The words seem so different when they're in a book. It's still hard to believe. I'm so excited -- the book is beautiful.

The book's title is A Lever Long Enough, about a small military team that travels back in time to film the theft of Jesus' body from the tomb.

The release date is January 12, 2009

I'll be having more to say very soon. My next "assignment" is to bring some pre-release copies of the book to a writers conference I'll be attending in two weeks.

Rosslyn Elliott said...

Congratulations! That must be such a wonderful feeling. I'm rejoicing with you. :-)

Shayna said...

Congratulations, Amy! I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to see it at our next meeting! Blessings to you :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Amy!!