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Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Life of a Weasel

This story's by my boy -- I thought you might enjoy it.


The Life of a Weasel

by W.G. Lemming (Techro)

There once was a weasel. He was hungry, and decided to look out of his safe hole in search of food. When he popped his head out, he heard two reverberating booms. And then, he knew no more.

Based on the traditional folk song, *Pop Goes the Weasel.*


Sarah Salter said...

Since I know you have such a thirst for knowledge, would you like to know the actual origin of that song? If not, close your eyes, 'cause here it comes!

Many years ago (1700's) the servants of the wealthy would take wool, flax, and cotton and spin it into thread to be used to make clothing. After the thread was spun, it would be taken to a little wooden mechanism called a "weasel." The thread would be wrapped around and around and around the weasel until the weasel had a full skein of thread. When it was full, it would make a popping noise. Thus, "pop goes the weasel!"

Or at least, that's what they taught us when I was being trained as a guide at Tryon Palace museum. I've been waiting for years to share that useless bit of trivia! :-)

Amy Deardon said...

Sarah, this is fascinating! Thanks for the info!

BTW my boy was quite happy to see someone commented on his story :-)

Hope you're well

Travis said...

I love the stories that children write--no matter how old they are. The younger kids come up with some incredible insights, and the older ones come up with some incredible joy.

This one is great! The booms were awesome!

Andra M. said...

I loved the story, too. Your boy may have a future in writing like his mom.

Thanks to Sarah for the info as well. One more piece of useless trivia to add to my own repertoire.