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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Pluto Award

I'm very excited and honored to announce that A Lever Long Enough yesterday won the 2009 Pluto Award! This is a recognition from the e-zine Yellow30 Sci-Fi. The Pluto is so named because it attempts to recognize the humbler books that are nevertheless great reads.

The news release is HERE

I was nominated for the award last month before I even knew it, and then one of the editors emailed me to let me know. The two other finalists were Grace Bridges' Faith Awakened about a virus-created dystopia and a unique solution to escape, and Sue Dent's Never Ceese about a cursed vampire and cursed werewolf who long to be whole, both also worthy books.

I don't know what else to say, except I'm grateful and humbled by this award. I pray that it reflects the Lord's glory, not mine, since after all He gave me the resources that allowed Lever to come into being.


Rita Gerlach said...

Congratulations, Amy! That's outstanding.

Thanks for the Christmas card you sent, and I'm sorry for not responding sooner.

Anne Lang Bundy said...

Amy, this is wonderful. I do pray that the Lord will use this award to bring Lever the recognition it and He deserve.

Stay the course, Brave One. : )

HollyMag said...

Congratulations Amy!!
Happy New Year!

Rosslyn Elliott said...

Congratulations, Amy! With all the books out there, it's really something to be recognized for the quality of your work!

Brandon said...

Great job Amy! Very cool.