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Monday, February 1, 2010


I love how this video simply explains the idea of "grace." I'd guess that the idea of ultimate judgement is so frightening that everyone has to find a way to deal with this: God doesn't exist, or good deeds outweigh bad ones, or we'll all get to the good place eventually. Christianity is the only belief system that states that we CAN'T be good enough to be acceptable by God, who is unimaginably Holy and righteous. Instead, God who is also Love provided a sacrifice, Jesus, whose perfect nature in God allowed his willing death to be sufficient to redeem those who admit they are irredeemably sinful and who wish to accept his substitution.

As a skeptic, I studied the historic circumstances surrounding the death of Jesus, and was blown away by the meticulous evidence supporting that Jesus had, in fact, risen from the dead. You can read about some of my reasoning HERE that describes my year-long investigation. At the end I bowed my head and became a Christian.

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