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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

High School Answers

* Q. Define the first person. A. Adam.
* Punctuate means to make a hole in the tyre of a bicycle.
* Metaphor: a thing you shout through.
* Simile: a picturesque way of saying what you really mean, such as calling your mother an old trout.
* The feminine of Bull: Mrs Bull.
* The parts of speech: lungs and air.
* Verb: something to eat.
* Adverb: The horses run fastly. This is an adverb.
* Abstract noun: something you can’t see when you are looking at it.
* Abstract noun: the name of something which has no existence, as goodness.
* Abstract noun: something we can think of but cannot feel — as a red-hot poker.
* Example of a collective noun: a flock of cattle.
* Example of a collective noun: a garbage can.
* Conjunction: the place where 2 railway lines meet.
* Imperfect tense: used in France to express a future action in past time which does not take place at all.
* All sentences are either simple or confound.
* Passive voice: Q. Correct the sentence — “It was me that has broken the window”. A. “It wasn’t me that has broken the window”.
* Spelling (an English teacher’s comment on a student’s essay): A dictionery would solve your spelling problems.