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Friday, January 21, 2011

Free Books for Blog Reviewers

Free Books for Blog Reviewers

For all of you who can never have enough books, you may be interested to learn that some publishers offer free books in exchange for a review on your blog and posted on Amazon etc. I did a google search for Thomas Nelson, Tyndale House, and Bethany, but I’m sure there are more. Sometimes these books are available in e-book format for your Kindle or other e-reader, if you don’t want to accumulate DTBs (dead tree books).

The *rules* seem similar between the publishers, and not difficult. Basically, you are not obligated to read or receive anything. You can request one book at a time, and must write the review before you can request another. You should write an honest review, even if you dislike the book. In your review you must also include the disclaimer that you received the book free in exchange for a review.

Since even these big publishers are willing to give books away for reviews, this indicates that reviews are valuable. Remember that when and if you have your own book published to BEAT THE BUSHES TO GET AS MANY REVIEWS (PREFERABLY FIVE STAR) FOR YOUR BOOK AS POSSIBLE!!!

Here are the websites I found to sign up:




Happy Reading.

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