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Friday, August 21, 2009

Getting the Words Down

Here are some techniques to help you get the words down:

1. Decide on a daily quota of words that is manageable. A good starting goal might be 300, but remember to keep pushing this number up as you get in the groove. Create a log sheet to record your daily output. Post this on your refrigerator or otherwise keep it prominent in your daily life.

2. Set aside at least a few minutes at a time in which you can remain undisturbed. Aim for an hour or more if you can.

3. Most importantly, pray before you start. Worship God, thank Him for His love and His care, and ask Him for guidance so that you can write His words.

4. Don’t start your writing session by checking your email or doing anything else except for writing.

5. Turn off anything that might distract you – music, radio, television. Some people can write through these things, but try without for a few days to see if you do better.

6. If you’re stuck, do freewriting where you talk to yourself on paper. Something like, “I’m trying to figure out what Jason’s problems with Mike might be in this scene. I was thinking about…”


KM Wilsher or gzusfreek said...

I need to put this on the wall! Thank you, Amy!

Andra M. said...

Ditto to KM.

You don't mind if I steal it, do you?

*runs away with list giggling* (No, the list isn't giggling. Ha!)