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Monday, August 3, 2009

Leaders versus Controllers

Leaders versus Controllers

Ron Edmondson wrote an interesting article contrasting the characteristics of LEADERS versus CONTROLLERS. So, which are you, really?

Here's a list of characteristics to help you decide:

Characteristics of leading people:

Encourages creativity
Develops people rather than programs
Builds healthy relationships with followers
Models a healthy way
More focused on needs of followers
People follow by choice
Empowers people


Characteristics of controlling people:

Stifles personal growth
Discourages creativity
Keeps followers at a distance
Insists on a set way
More focused on needs of the controller
People follow by force
Devours people


Jane Lebak said...

All he's saying is that good leaders focus on community and process while bad leaders focus on the end results alone.

No one's going to read a list like that and say, "Yeah, I'm a controller." :-) A bad leader is going to say, "I focus on my followers' needs -- they NEED to be told when they've messed up and they need to get this right!" Right? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, interesting. I think leader, but with a few traits of controller.

I'm not perfect, that's for sure.

Sometimes I try and do it all, cuz I want it done my way, well, that stifles personal growth of others. And it's not really showing much trust in the person I'm doing that to.

So, hey.....I'm a leader with a sprinkle of controller....

Leslie said...

Yeah, like Philangelus said, no one will read that and go "I'm a controller"

Well unless they are a controller (as in the head accounting honcho)... ROFL