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Sunday, November 9, 2008

How to Get Your Manuscript Done

I just read an interesting article that said people who write down a goal double or more the chance of accomplishing it. Wow. We've all heard to write things down, of course, but maybe it's a chestnut that needs to be revitalized. It reminded me of a very simple trick I use to finish long writing projects. When I use it, it's magic. When I don't use it, nothing gets done. Are you ready?

Two steps:

1. determine a daily or weekly writing quota of WORDS PER DAY. (not hours per day --> you want results!)

2. make a chart, and put it on your refrigerator where you always see it. Every day, write down what you've done.

Doing these two steps is amazing, I promise.

I'm keeping this entry short because you shouldn't be on the internet anyway! Get back to work!

~missing dear friends~


Philangelus said...

Did I ever show you my screen shot of my word count graph?

It helped me to not only have a word goal but to keep track of it in a spread sheet so I could watch the graph go up. When I wasn't able to do that, I'd change my forum nickname by the day to update word counts (accountability) or update a ticker on my weblog.

This way, everyone knows if you fail your daily goal. The potential shame kept me writing! (1000 words a day is a nice goal; 1500 is doable.)

Philangelus said...

Oh, I did post it here:

Amy Deardon said...

Thanks! I'll check it out...

Lydia said...

Exactly right, Amy! Word goal (not hour goal)+ a tally is giving me the impetus to finish my wip. I'm learning this with NaNoWriMo. The most rewarding part of the day is adding my word count to the personal ticker on the site.

Thanks for the choc. mug cake recipe. Made it yesterday. Truly amazing!

Well, back to work.

Brenda Susan said...

Hi Amy, Thanks for coming by my site. I love this post even though I am not a novel writer. It can be applied to every area of life! Very true & helpful.

Avily Jerome said...

I am SO bad with goal setting!

NaNoWriMo is really pushing me. I set a goal of 2000 words/day.

I actually kept up with it until this past weekend. But I have a really good excuse! My son turned three, we spent a day at Grandma's, I had a church luncheon, a birthday party to clean for host and clean up after, a MLM home party to attend, and church.

Now I'm trying to catch up. But the NaNoWriMo goal is really helping me. And if I'm really lucky, I'll implement it even after NaNoWriMo is over! :)