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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Amy's Excellent Book Adventures -- Update

Hi Everyone! Just wanted to let you know, my book, A Lever Long Enough, is now available for general purchase. You can buy it on amazon here. You can buy personally autographed copies for no extra cost at the publisher site here.

If you've read Lever and honestly feel you could give it a four or FIVE star review on amazon, would you consider doing so? And for all those who have already written a review, thank you so much! Thank you to all of you, my friends, who have been so kind over the past months.

I've been a bit out of the loop lately but hope to reengage soon, once Lever can be set aside to sink or swim on its own. I'll be posting links to blog reviews etc. -- will be participating in several interviews, and a blog tour February 12.

Have a great day.


Sarah Salter said...

What an exciting time! Enjoy this experience, Amy! You'll never have another first time :-)

Anonymous said...

How exciting for you, Amy! Great. I have the bok, it's on my list to read!!!!

Have a great day. Enjoy all of this excitement.

Alison Bryant said...

Congratulations! How exciting.

Travis said...

This is awesome! I hope you sell so many that is almost ruins you!

Andra M. said...

Exciting indeed. Congratulations!

I stole your idea about asking for reviews on Amazon. Hopefully, my blog readers who read my book will respond.

Sarah Salter said...

LOL! I agree with Travis! :-)

Billy Coffey said...

So happy for you, Amy. Blessings to you and your career.

Ruth Dell said...

Hi Amy

Congratulations on the release of A Lever Long Enough- I've almost finished reading it and am thoroughly enjoying it.

Do you have any links to articles re writing a book review? And can you send the same review to more than one site?

God bless


Avily Jerome said...

Congrats! I'll try to do a review on my blog in the next week or so. Best of luck!

gzusfreek said...

Congrats, Amy! How exciting this time is for you ( and all us fans too! )