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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How Overwhelming and Lovely

This weekend was a scorcher.

My kids both have elaborate science fair projects that are due this week. I stayed up until 2 am on Sunday night helping my daughter -- and let me tell you, I am often unconscious at 10:30 and sing before the birds in the morning. My daughter had a beautiful poster and paper to turn in yesterday -- now it's time for my boy, his stuff due on Thursday.

Not only this, but I found out serendipitously on Friday afternoon that my book was one of a few being considered for the ACFW book club for the month of March, and the voting period was almost finished, due to close on Sunday.

As a new author, I recognized that being selected would be a great opportunity. I scooted over to check the voting: Of 7 books, mine was in clear second place with 10 votes, and the front-runner had 21 votes.

I thought and prayed about this, and after consideration decided that it wouldn't be wrong to ask people who were familiar with my book and were likely members of this book club loop to consider voting for it -- I would never know either way, so they could certainly make a free decision. Then, I listed all the people I've met and corresponded with.

As I went through this list to determine who might fit both of my criteria, I felt so blessed to think about each individual. Most of you, my friends, I've met within the past half-year through a conference from this summer, my blog site, and/or on the ACFW loop. How wonderful and special each one of you is! I smiled thinking about so-and-so's rambunctious children, whispered a prayer for someone else who I knew was going through a hard time, thought about someone who loves the Dallas Cowboys, puzzled again for a moment about a particular plot snafu someone else had asked me about. My emails were short and to the point -- just, help! -- but I smiled as I saw each name, and wondered how each of you was doing.

My inbox overfloweth with wonderful notes back to me. I want to answer each one as soon as I can, although unfortunately with normal life stuff, school projects (history day is coming up in a very few weeks!) and other book-launch duties (a bunch of blog interviews due this week) it may take a few days. It doesn't mean I'm not grateful or thinking of you, just that I can barely breathe right now.

I felt just the barest whisper of heaven with so many people sending such good wishes :-) I happened to be the recipient this time, but I can't help thinking all of you would jump in for any one of us. I look forward to knowing all of you, and a so-dear friend I've lost, better in heaven.

Now, the results: Monday morning I checked the poll. It still didn't seem to be closed, so I don't know what's going on with that, but the final tally is: my book 24, the former front-runner 21. Thank you so so much! I'll certainly let you know as things progress on this front :-)

My book and all things I yield to the Lord.


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Anonymous said...

Wow, you have been busy. Science fair projects, how fun. I'm glad it was you and not me, though. I didn't fair too well in the science department while in schoo....LOL. I took "Great Ideas of Math" and "Our Chemical World" in college to get out of the science requirements....

Yeah, not a skill of mine, that's for sure. But hey, I'm OK with it...I married a guy with a CHEM degree...**smile**

Blessings on your book, Amy!

Billy Coffey said...

Good luck, Amy. Wishing you the best that God has for you...

Andra M. said...

Who needs sleep anyway?

Congrats on being the frontrunner! It's quite uplifting to have so much support for your book I bet.

Oh, and I received an email from Amazon yesterday highlighting your book. :)

Rosslyn Elliott said...

That's awesome! I am so happy about the tesults. :-)

Leslie said...

Oh I wanna see that Amazon email... LOL!

Don't forget we all have to vote again - they always do a run-off vote.

I'm so excited for you either way Amy.

Sarah Salter said...

Amy, in case you've been too busy to read your mail, the book club is doing a recount because the race was too close to call. So, GO VOTE AGAIN! :-)

Travis said...

Wait, are you living in Minisota, where Al Frankin is trying to steal the election? :)

We are all pulling for you, Amy. I know that God will use you no matter what!