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Saturday, January 17, 2009

I am so thankful for the men and women who put their lives, health, and families on the line to defend our country and to advance freedom in other countries. Since it's Saturday, when I sometimes highlight a helpful website, I wanted to review an organization that allows civilians to support military personnel in the field.

Here's the description of from the front page of the website:

Sergeant Brian Horn from LaPlata, Maryland, an Army Infantry Soldier with the 173rd Airborne Brigade was in the Kirkuk area of Iraq when he started the idea of Any Soldier® to help care for his soldiers. He agreed to distribute packages that came to him with "Attn: Any Soldier®" in his address to soldiers who didn't get mail.

Brian later completed a tour in Afghanistan and is now home, and his sister, SPC Svetlana Horn, recently completed a tour in Iraq, but continues larger than ever.

Any Soldier Inc. started in August 2003 as a simple family effort to help the soldiers in one Army unit; thus, our name. Due to overwhelming requests, on 1 January 2004 the Any Soldier® effort was expanded to include any member of the Armed Forces in harm's way.

How this works:

We have volunteer Soldier "contacts" on the "Where to Send" page. Click through the names and select the one(s) you wish to support. They list what the folks they represent want and need. We even have a search capability so you can easily identify what the troops need most.

All the Soldiers involved in this effort are military volunteers stationed in areas that are in harm's way. You send your support (letters and/or packages) addressed to them and when they see the "Attn: Any Soldier®" line in their address they put your letters and packages into the hands of Soldiers who don't get much or any mail first. Everything is shared.

We have "What to Send", "How to Send" and "FAQ" pages to help you properly send letters and packages, please read these. Be sure to also read our "New & Stuff" and "Success Stories" pages. This effort is 110% voluntary. You send your support, and maybe some stuff, directly to whatever unit or units you want, you don't send us anything.

This organization works with individuals or groups such as Boy Scouts, churches, or community outreach. Take a look! The link is HERE.


gzusfreek said...

This warms my heart and a lot of us want to encourage soldiers and don't know how. Thanks for the post, Amy!

Andra M. said...

Ditto to gzusfreek