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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Opportunities for a New Blog: Writer to Reader

Hi Everyone --

My friend Peg is launching a new blog. Here is her announcement -- and if you want to get in touch with her the email is: mairead @

OK, Here 'tis. Have a great weekend.


Peg writes:

I am launching a new blog for the benefit of both writers and readers. The blog is called "Writer to Reader" and will be a springboard to bring writers and readers together in an interactive way, in one location. Writer to Reader will cover both fiction and non-fiction, and will be a Monday – Friday publication, more like a newsletter in a blog format, subscription through Feedblitz or RSS.

The object is to help writers connect with readers and to drive traffic to your websites and blogs as well as the Writer to Reader blog. It's a win-win opportunity for everyone.

Some of the blogs features are (but not limited to):*

Book Reviews
Author Interviews
Author Showcase
Guest Bloggers
Blog Tours
New Releases/Press Releases
Market News/Writing Opportunities
Contests and Giveaways
Announcements: book signings, speaking appearances, etc.
"Pit Stops" – funny stories from the publishing world and the writing journey

(*Not all of these will appear every day. There will be a variety to make a good mix, depending on what is submitted.)

So, what I'm looking for are folks to fill these slots. Regular contributors will be given a user account and can post directly to the blog. Do you do book reviews? I want to hear from you. The reviews may appear either in full on Writer to Reader, or, if you prefer, you can submit a short introduction and a link to your blog and/or website where the review appears.

Authors who wish to participate will be allowed to promote their books and appearances and any other information of interest to readers, pictures and links included. Are you "touring" a book? Announce it on Writer to Reader. Have you won an award, received special recognition? Send it.

Got your first contract? Signed a new book deal? Found an agent? Writer to Reader wants to know.

Publishers who would like to showcase their authors are free to send press releases and any other information to be included. These could be just a brief introduction and a link to "read more" at the publishers' site. Both publishers and authors are also free to offer their books in giveaways if so desired. You would set the terms and conditions for winning.

Bloggers, are you holding book giveaways? Send Writer to Reader the books list and time-frames along with the link to your blog. Do you feature interviews and reviews on your blog and/or website? Feel free to send those notices to Writer to Reader with a brief line and a link to YOUR blog. You data will not appear on Writer to Reader . . . just the blog name, the "blurb" and the link. The purpose here is to drive more traffic to your blog and/or website. All Writer to Reader asks is a reciprocal link. This way we all win.

Readers will be encouraged to post questions or start a discussion in the comment section of each blog posting.

"Pit Stops" will be a humorous column about the odd, weird, surprising and funny things that happen along the publishing highway. We'd love contributions from authors, publishers, agents, and PR folks. Even readers may have something to share along these lines.

Writer to Reader is set to launch on Monday, January 12, 2009. Writer to Reader will be registered with Technorati and other blog search engines to help with the circulation and traffic for all of us. For a sneak peek at this new blog just go to:

So, if you have any questions, or have anything you'd like to send to be included in the debut of this new blog, please send it to:

Permission granted to share this with others you think might be interested as long as the entire post is sent intact.




gzusfreek said...

Sounds awesome, Amy! Thanks for posting/sharing.

Andra M. said...

Sounds like a great opportunity for readers and writers alike.